Data Contractor Selection

Alberta Transportation has developed a new “Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System” (TRAVIS) for the issuance of transportation related permits to vehicles travelling in Alberta.

The Province of Alberta has committed to provide funding for qualified contractors to assist Municipalities with the initial input of Municipal Data into TRAVIS MJ. Municipalities will be provided with a short list of pre-qualified contractors to assist them with data migration and set up in TRAVIS MJ. The goal of Alberta Transportation is to have ALL 300+ Alberta Municipalities active in TRAVIS MJ by April 2012.

It is important to remember that data entry is only a single step in utilizing the full power of TRAVIS to better protect your Roadway Infrastructure. Your contractor must be able to assist you in maximizing the advantages TRAVIS makes available. An experienced contractor is critical to this process. Your contractor should know what you do today and what beneficial changes your Municipality could make to maximize the power of the new TRAVIS system.

 TRAVIS MJ Consultant Selection Form

Risk Factors of Poor Data Migration Into TRAVIS

  1. Time Required to Migrate Your Data
    • Choosing a contractor that is already familiar with your policies/procedures, GIS data and rule sets will allow the contractor to concentrate on the data migration process.
    • A contractor who is unfamiliar with your Muncipality will need to receive detailed instruction from your staff in order to understand your processes and intent prior to beginning the data migration process.
  2. Systematic and ordered Migration of Municipal Data - TRAVIS is only as good as the data within it
    • Poor data equals poor roadway protection. Incorrect entries can place bridges and roads at risk You must ensure that all rules and conditions are properly “connected” to the road segment, permit type, commodity etc. Validation of the existing roadway network data is critical to ensure all rules that relate to the roadway are correctly assigned.
  3. Accurate Entry of Business Rules and Restrictions - TRAVIS is the backbone of an effective Infrastructure Protection Strategy
    • Properly defining your current permit issuing policy, rules, conditions and process is critical to effectively using the new TRAVIS system to maximizes its advantages while still effectively retaining control over your road network.
    • Questions Municipalities need to answer:
      • Where are my Truck Routes or Industrial Roads?
      • How “industry friendly” do we want to or need to be?
      • What am I comfortable to let “Auto-Approve”?
  4. Consideration of the Non-TRAVIS components of your Infrastructure Protection program
    • Are there requirements not covered by TRAVIS?
      • If so, how will you deal with them?
      • What impact does this have on compliance?
      • Do you need to add any additional data to improve the outcome?

Tips to Select Your Contractor

How do you learn more about the contractors Alberta Transportation has qualified?

Alberta Transportation will be funding the basic data transition into TRAVIS MJ. Since there is no cost to the Municipality, it is important to select a contractor that will provide the best possible results. Ensuring your Municipality takes full advantage of the power TRAVIS MJ has to offer to provide the ultimate infrastructure protection.

Google the Corporate Web Site and review their credentials. Below are a few examples of relevant questions to inquire.
  • How experienced are they with Municipal representation?
    • Roadata represents 78% of Rural Alberta
  • How many staff do they have to dedicate to your process?
    • Roadata employs a highly skilled team of over 25 experienced staff members including full time Information Technology Experts.
  • How many years have they been in business?
    • Roadata has been servicing Municipalities since 1995
  • Do they have relationships with any Municipalities that could provide a reference?
    • Roadata would be pleased to provide the name of a neighbouring Municipal staff member to offer credentials about our service.
  • How knowledgeable do they appear to be related to TRAVIS MJ?
    • Roadata was the first agent to join TRAVIS and worked with Alberta Transportation through the pilot projects. We represent three Municipalities participating in TRAVIS MJ today.
With 16 years of experience and our highly skilled team of professionals we are able to provide exceptional service to our clients. As Alberta’s first TRAVIS permit agent we have the confidence to transition any Municipality with ease and accuracy.

For more information please call Bruce, Nicole or Angela at 403-314-9500