Out of Province Information

Roadata can obtain any permits you may require to travel outside of Alberta. With the exception of Saskatchewan we do require 24 hours notice to process a permit.

British Columbia

If you wish to contact BC yourself you can call:

1-800-559-9688 (24 hours a day)

For information on BC or on how to apply for a permit on-line:

For information on BC Load Restrictions:


To contact the Saskatchewan Permit office you can call:

1-800-667-7575 (6am-10pm/7 days a week)

For information on their Road Restrictions, Bridge clearances and Weight allowances:


To contact Manitoba call:

1-204-945-3961 (6am-4pm Monday-Friday)

For more information on Manitoba:

Alberta Directory

To see additional information on other provinces and territories use the following links:

For information on contact information for the US see the following link: