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Canada's Largest Municipal Permit Agent


Welcome to Roadata Services Ltd. (RDS), a place where local Municipalities and their road users can find a one window service related to all aspects of moving overweight, over dimensional and multiple legal load vehicles on roadways throughout Canada.

Main Number: 1-877-236-6445
Service Rig: 1-888-830-7623
Heavy Haul: 1-888-444-9288
Drilling Rig: 1-888-730-3745
Saskatchewan: 1-844-232-7275
First Nations: 1-844-624-4373

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Sign up to our Online Permitting System (RITA), Advisory Notification Service or our GIS Mapping.

Fleet Services

With prorated fleet licensing, assistance with regulation compliance, and IFTA reporting, is your one stop for vehicle registration information.


Comprehensive data collection for hundreds of local Municipalities and Provinces to streamline the application and approval (in our Partnered Municipalities) of vehicle permits.


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Roadata has been assisting Rural and Urban Municipalities since 1995 with a diverse service offering for their infrastructure protection programs. Our experience allows us to provide outstanding service on behalf of our Partnered Municipalities for Permit Approval Services, Data Maintenance, Roadway Protection and Roadway Crossing Approvals. Our professional team of experts is available to assist you, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Rural Alberta

Municipal Districts and Counties in Alberta all have similar goals related to infrastructure protection. We work alongside our partners to help develop permit and roadway policies that best suit their needs while ensuring that road users have access to an efficient permit process and consistent information.

Rural Saskatchewan

Rural Municipalities in Saskatchewan vary greatly by region and industry base. Administrative support is often limited and RM's are forced to prioritize many necessary functions. We provide support to the RM's through a variety of enhanced services that improve infrastructure protection and ensures road users have access to an efficient permit process and consistent information.

Large Urban

Cities have a unique set of requirements that must be adhered to when providing an infrastructure protection program. A heightened review process for over dimensional loads and movement occurring off truck routes are necessary. RDS coordinates additional notifications and approvals with various departments while ensuring that road users have access to an efficient permit process and consistent information.

Small Urban

Towns, Villages and Summer Villages all need to protect their infrastructure even when there is limited movement that occurs within their boundaries. We help ensure unnecessary travel on roadways is avoided and assist in developing policies related to overweight and over dimension loads. This is all done while ensuring that road users have access to an efficient permit process and consistent information.

Online Permit Applications

Apply for your permits for anywhere in Canada using Roadata's Intelligent Transportation Assistant, RITA. By utilizing this simple tool you will be able to submit concurrent Municipal & Provincial applications, view unparalleled GIS mapping detail, gain knowledge of municipal requirements as well as unlocking some enhanced reporting features. You will save time, money and earn rewards when you use this system!

Advisory Notification Subscription

Subscribe to receive text messages and/or e-mail notifications when a Municipality restricts movement due to adverse weather and/or temperature conditions. This service is available free of charge and can notify you based on select Municipalities you have chosen and/or based on active permits you have received through Roadata Services Ltd. FREE!!! Sign up today!


GIS Mapping Subsciption

Our GIS mapping service provides unparalleled quality and accuracy for all local jurisdictions in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Identifying various roadway restrictions such as Road Bans, Vertical Clearances, Weight Restricted Bridges and Construction related information. This mapping service is available to our Web Service subscribers and has proved to be helpful for dispatching purposes. This service also provides the user with detailed information regarding any weather delays for overweight movement and all related phone numbers that you may require. The maps are interactive with all restrictions highlighted; a simple click and you have details about the restrictions. You can navigate our maps to locate LSD locations, Municipal Boundaries, Road Surfaces and much more.


Municipal Permit Services

Roadata offers exceptional permit service for travel on your Municipal Roadways. Municipalities utilizing RDS for approval services will gain maximum infrastructure protection by offering Industry greater availability of obtaining permit approvals. RDS statistics prove that 35% of permits are obtained after hours, weekends and on Statutory Holidays. Our Customer Service Centre is staffed from 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM daily with additional service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Industry does not stop working when the Municipality closes for the day; improved availability translates into an improved level of compliance by industry.



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