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AB Overweight Loads

Overweight travel on Alberta’s Primary and Secondary’s highways is restricted by Axle Groups and Loading Periods. Please refer to the weight charts listed below for a complete breakdown of each Axle Groups allowable weight by Loading Period.

Municipalities in Alberta generally follow the same Loading Periods as Alberta Transportation; however there may be some variations. Prior to travelling on a Municipalities road it is recommended you contact the Municipality or their Representative to verify the weight allowances accepted by that Municipality.

Note: In order to travel at the weight listed for each Loading Period, an Overweight Permit must be obtained.

  Alberta Heavy Haul Steering Weights
  Alberta Heavy Haul Trailer and Drive Weights
  Alberta Service Rig Weights
  Alberta Ban Season Combinations

Jeeps and Boosters

In addition to exceeding Legal Axle Weights, Provincial Legislation also stipulates that any move made with a Jeep and/or Booster in the configuration is considered overweight, unless they are empty, and will require a permit regardless what the actual axle weights are.
You can obtain a Multi-Trip permit which will cover you to move with a Jeep and/or Booster but you must meet certain conditions or a Single Trip Permit will be required.
Below are the conditions of using a Multi Trip Permit:
  • The GVW of the truck, loaded, cannot exceed the registered weight of the truck
  • All axles must be at or below Spring Season weights.
  • The GVW cannot exceed 63500 kgs.
  • 16 wheel groups cannot exceed 25000 kgs
Loading Periods

Heavy Haul Service Rig
Spring - Date Varies Period One - Date Varies
Post Thaw - June 16th Period Two - June 16th
Summer - July 1st Period Three - July 16th
Fall - September 1st Period Four - Date Varies
Winter - Date Varies

On an Overweight permit clients are allowed a +/- 2000 Kgs per axle tolerance to account for packed snow/mud. This tolerance will not impact the permit fee, or causes the carrier to be in violation of the permit, provided that the actual axle weights do not to exceed season allowable. This tolerance applies to axle weights only and not to the permitted Gross Vehicle Weight.

Small Tire Calculator

The Small Tire Calculator will allow you to determine the approximate Legal Weight of an axle if the vehicle has a tire size smaller than 11 inches.

Small Tire Calculator (Excel Format)