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Municipal Notification Service

When a Municipal Staff member activates a Movement Restriction in your Municipality, pre-selected individuals will be made aware of the new restriction via text message, e-mail or both. You can manage the list of individuals at anytime by contacting our office.

A few common restrictions are restricting overweight traffic due to adverse weather, as well as time and/or temperature restrictions. Having this information available to Public Works Staff, Enforcement Staff and Administrative Staff will ensure that consistent information is always being delivered to your rate payers. You can also stay current with neighboring Municipalities by signing up to receive instant notification when they place a Movement Restriction.

Roadata's Municipal notification service is available to ALL Municipalities.

Our Notification Service will provide the ability for a Municipality to identify individuals within the Municipality that should be made aware of situations such as restricting all overweight traffic due to adverse weather or a specific road closure etc. Messages can be sent by Text, E-Mail or both... your choice.

There are two components to the Roadata Municipal Notification Service:

1. Notification to Municipal Staff

  • Identify staff that you feel should be aware of restrictions in movement that may be set for:
    • Time and Temperature restrictions
    • Road Closures
    • Adverse weather – suspension of all overweight movement
  • Automatic notification to any staff you feel should be aware:
    • Road Foreman
    • Enforcement
    • Roadway Inspectors
    • Administrative Staff

2. Stay Current with Neighboring Municipalities

  • Know if a bordering Municipality has restricted movement
  • Identify the Municipalities you would like to be notified when they place movement restrictions