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Movement Restrictions

The following is a listing of all areas that have restricted movement due to adverse weather/temperature conditions.
This restriction normally applies to loads moving under permit.
NOTE: If a Municipality is not listed here there may still be movement restrictions for that area.

If a Municipality has more than one advisory listed, all advisories will apply.

R.M. of Eyebrow

Advisory Date: 8/11/2023 8:54:27 AM

The following Advisory will take effect: 08/11/2023 10:00.
NO vehicles exceeding 10 Tonne are permitted to move.

Fake Advisory

Until further notice As per Test.

NOTE: Road usage is to be done on frozen & dry track only. Fines apply when damages occur.

Test Mun County

Advisory Date: 5/9/2023 9:28:34 PM

The following Advisory will take effect: 05/10/2023 8:00 AM.
Movement above Secondary Weights is allowed ONLY if the temperature is AT OR BELOW: -10.
This applies to the following permits: ALL PERMIT TYPES
This applies for movement on the following Roadways: - Gravel Roads
This jurisdiction has advised that this restriction will not be reviewed again until 05/12/2023. As Per John.

City of Yorkton

Advisory Date: 4/10/2023 3:54:22 PM

The following Advisory will take effect: 04/10/2023 7:00 AM.
NO Overweight Approvals will be granted due to adverse weather conditions.
This applies to the following permits: ALL PERMIT TYPES
This applies for movement on the following Roadways:
Movement permitted under Frost Conditions Only.
As per Lynn.

NOTE: The information contained or related to this web site is as current as possible based on the information received by Roadata Services Ltd. This information may change at any time. The user of this web site will indemnify Roadata Services Ltd. of any liability related to the use of this information. The user must obey the posting on any roadway or bridge as information from any portion of this web site does not authorize the use of any roadway unless expressly stated on a document such as a permit approval that has been authorized by the Municipality.

Highway Restrictions

Roadata Services Ltd. (RDS) maintains a database of Road Bans, Bridge Restrictions and Construction Activity for Primary and Secondary Highways in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Enter the Primary or Secondary highway you wish to search into the textbox to display all active restrictions:

Road Ban Road Bans
Road Bans are weight restrictions that reduce the maximum weight allowed on any carrying axle of a Truck or Trailer by the percentage specified.
Weight Restricted Bridge Weight Restricted Bridges
Weight Restricted Bridges are bridges that may not be able to carry the full legal weight of a unit or an axle group. The weight restriction will vary depending on various properties of the bridge.
Vertical Clearance Vertical Clearances
Vertical Clearances are any overhead obstruction that may restrict movement. Some of these vertical restrictions are less than legal height.

Permit and Road Information Line:   1-877-236-6445

This information line provides users with detailed information related to road bans in Alberta, weather related movement restrictions in RDS partner Municipalities in Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as connects you to a call queue directly related to the type of permit you require.