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Local Municipalities regulate the new development and/or modification of structures that connect to or cross a developed/undeveloped road allowance within their boundaries. It is the Prime Contractor’s responsibility to ensure they are in compliance with all policies in each Municipality before any work commences.

The Online Roadway Consent (ORC) Program is a fast, consistent and simplified way for Prime Contractors or their Land Agent to apply for requests such as pipeline crossings, new approaches, riser sites, etc.

The ORC Program provides several benefits:
  • Consistent method of application - no more mailing, emailing or faxing in requests.
  • Automated responses letting the applicant know that the request was received and instant notification if the request has been approved or denied.
  • Improved turnaround time as Municipalities are better able to manage the applications submitted.
  • Application history so you can always see the requests you have submitted and their status.

Getting Started

Prime Contractors or their designated Land Agent will need to have an established account with our office to utilize our ORC program. Please click the “Subscribe Now” button to start the process of creating your online account. All accounts will have to be authorized by a representative of the Prime Contractor and verified in each Municipality where service is requested. Additional authorization forms will be delivered by RDS and will form part of the account creation process. The account authorization process can take 3 business days or longer to establish.

Application Process

Applications are broken up into the different type of request you are making. Documents detailing the request, such as site surveys, are uploaded online and submitted to the Municipality. Some applications do require the application fees be paid at the time of submission on Credit Card; it will be noted at the bottom of the application if this is the case.

Each submitted request is assigned an application number and an email will be delivered to the applicant following the successful application submission. This email lets you know the application status (pending approval or approved) as well as a summary of the basic application details.

When an application is approved by the Municipality, an approval email will be delivered to the applicant. This email will also include an approval letter detailing the terms and conditions of the approval, as well as any other application specific requirements that are set by the Municipality.


Active Participants

Roadata is pleased to provide this service for the following Municipalities:

  • County of Two Hills
  • Thorhild County
  • M.D. of Lesser Slave River
  • M.D. of Greenview
  • Brazeau County