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BC Over Dimensional Loads

When a load exceeds legal dimensions a permit is required and depending on the dimensions, certain conditions must be followed. In addition to obtain a permit when exceeding legal dimensions, there are general conditions and restrictions that must be followed depending on the size of your load.
Legal Dimensions in British Columbia are:

  • 2.6M
  • 4.15M
  • Single Vehicle 12.5M
  • Truck Tractor and Trailer 23M
  • Truck Tractor, Semi Trailer, Jeep and/or Booster 23M

Term Oversize Permits are available in 30 day intervals up to one year. They are plate specific and cover up to the following dimensions:

  • 3.8M
  • 4.3M (5.33M in Peace River Area Only)
  • 31M
Front Projection
  • 3.0M
Rear Projection
  • 6.5M


  • For width over 2.6m, red or orange flags are required on all four corners of each load/trailer
  • For travel in daylight, a red or orange flag is required on front projection over 1 m and/or rear projection over 1.2m
  • For travel in darkness, a white light is required on front projection over 1m and a red light is required on rear projection over 1.2m

  • Wide load, D sign or oversize load signs are required front and rear for vehicles with width over 3.2m
  • Long load, D sign or oversize load signs are required front and rear for vehicles/loads (other than B-Trains) over 25m long

Pilot Vehicle Requirements
  • Pilot vehicle requirements in the Province of British Columbia are depending on width and length. The below chart outlines when and how many are required

Length Up to 3.2 M 3.21 to 3.5 M 3.51 to 3.8 M 3.81 to 4.4 M
Up to 27.5 M 0 1* 1 1***
27.5 to 31 M 1 1 1 2
31 to 36 M 1 1 1 2
36 to 40 M 2** 2** 2 2
Up to 27.5 M 0 1 1 2
27.5 to 31 M 1 1 1 2
31 to 36 M 2 2 2 2
36 to 40 M 2 2 2 2

* Or the towing vehicle must be equipped with and operate one or two amber flashing lights
** Up to 3.5 m wide, only one pilot car is required for travel over four (4) lane highways
*** Two pilot cars for travel on Highway 97 from the junction of 77/97 to the Yukon Border