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Permit Services

Companies with heavy commercial vehicles required to move in all parts of Canada are faced with the difficult task of learning all the various Municipal rules and Provincial regulations which affect their bottom line. Roadata Services Ltd. (RDS) is the largest and most experienced Permit Agent in Canada. Our staff can help you minimize the risk of enforcement action by Provincial or Municipal regulators and can reduce costs to meet regulatory requirements.

We specialize in the issuing of permit approvals for local Municipalities in Canada. We have exclusive service agreements with 103 Municipalities.

Our Customer Service Centre is staffed from 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM daily and service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


New Account Web Submission Form OR

Roadata Services Ltd. (RDS) automatically establishes credit card payments as the method of payment for all new clients.

Clients may establish an account with Roadata Services Ltd. that will provide monthly invoices with detailed breakdown of permit cost by unit number.

Accounts will be available to clients that meet the following criteria:
  • Client must obtain in excess of 10 permits per month
  • Must provide a credit card number that will be stored in our secure and encrypted database for payment of overdue accounts OR may be asked to provide credit references.

Accounts may be revoked based on:
  • Inactivity for over 6 months
  • Account restrictions being placed on an account due to non-payment

If an account is revoked, the client must provide payment via credit card for every RDS Transaction.