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BC Over Weight Loads

Vehicles exceeding legal weights in BC require an overweight permit.

Legal Weights
Steering Axles
Single with Tandem Drive: 6000kg (Truck/Tractor)
9100kg (Truck/Tractor with PME)
Single with Tridem Drive: 7300kg (Truck/Tractor)
9100kg (Truck/Tractor with PME)
Drive/Trailer Axle
Single: 9100kg
Tandem: 17000kg
Tandem drive with single axle jeep: 24000kg
Tridem: 24000kg

When an overweight permit is required in BC all axle spacings are required. The easiest way to measure interaxle spacings is to start at the front of the vehicle and measure from the center of each axle group, working to the back of the vehicle. You measure from center of tire on the first axle group to the center of tire on second axle group.