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Welcome to Roadata's Transportation Services.

Companies with heavy commercial vehicles required to move in all parts of Canada are faced with the difficult task of learning all the various Municipal rules and Provincial regulations which affect their bottom line. Roadata Services Ltd. (RDS) is the largest and most experienced Permit Agent in Canada. Our staff can help you minimize the risk of enforcement action by Provincial or Municipal regulators and can reduce costs to meet regulatory requirements.

We specialize in the issuing of permit approvals for Local Municipalities in Canada. We have exclusive service agreements with 71 Rural Municipalities in Rural Alberta & Saskatchewan and 31 Urban Municipalities. Wherever you're moving, Roadata can help you.

Our Customer Service Centre is staffed from 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM daily and service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Apply For Permit

Our tool is the most efficient way to apply for your permit. It incorporates Municipal policy rules, interactive mapping with road restrictions and enhanced reporting tools, plus a rewards program for users!

Unit Info

Manage your fleet of vehicles, everything from registration details to weights and dimensions and annual vehicle permits.


Unlock detailed maps that contain road bans, vertical clearances, weight restricted bridges, construction zones and adverse weather advisories affecting movement for your drivers and dispatchers!


Get notified via text or email when a Municipality you commonly operate in, or have an active permit in, places an adverse weather advisory that restricts overweight movement. Also manage what permit notifications you would like to receive.


Designed specifically for the accounting department within your company. Gain online access to your historical invoices, permit and unit summaries and even process credit card payments.

View Permit

Tired of tracking down copies of permits from various individuals for all your accounting needs? Gain online access to your companies individual permit history by subscribing to this service.

Permit Services

We’ve been assisting Industry with their permitting requirements since 1995. Our team of trained permit consultants can help you obtain the approvals needed to travel on Municipal and Provincial roadways throughout Canada.

Weight Charts

A key factor to staying compliant when traveling on Municipal and Provincial roadways is understanding allowable axle weights. Our simplified weight charts gives you this information right at your fingertips.


Quickly identify what Municipalities have weather related movement restrictions in place, then take a moment to look for roadway restrictions along Provincial highways.

Fleet Services

Your own dedicated consultant to assist with your vehicle fleet registration, prorate services and IFTA.


We provide industry with a variety of subscription options that are tailored towards your needs. Online permit applications, detailed mapping software and a variety of notification tools.

Document Downloads

One place to obtain account information, log sheets, permit request forms and most importantly weight charts.