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MB Spring Restrictions

Spring Restrictions in Manitoba are put on by Zones. There are Zones 1a and 1b, 2 and 3. There are two levels of Spring Restrictions. Level 1 applies to weak pavements and level 2 applies to very weak pavements.

The maximum weights permitted on roadways while the Province is in spring restrictions are described below.

Spring Restriction – Level 1

Steering Axle
Single (Tandem Drive): 5500kg
Single (Tridem Drive): 5500kg w/ tire size 305mm ; 6750kg for greater than 305mm
Tandem: 12240Kg on class A1 highways; 9900kg on class B1 highways
Drive/Trailer Weights
9kg per millimeter of tire up to a maximum of 90% of legal axle group weights on all

Spring Restrictions – Level 2

Steering Axles
Single: 6.5kg per millimeter width of tire up to a maximum of 65% legal axle weights on all Highways
Tandem: 6.5kg per millimeter width of tire multiplied by 0.90 up to a maximum of 8840kg on Class A1 highways and 7150kg on Class b2 highways
Drive/Trailer Weights
6.5kg per millimeter width of tire up to a maximum of 65% of the legal axle weights on Class A1 and Class B1 highways

Below are the individual zones.

Zone 1A

Zone 1B

Zone 2

Zone 3