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Municipal Services

Roadata Services Ltd. (RDS) partners with Local Municipalities to administer or assist Municipal staff with delivering a variety of Municipal services. Our selection of service offerings are tailored to meet each individual Municipalities needs, so we are able to provide service to Rural or Urban and Small or Large Municipalities. Our experience over the past 29 years working with 103 Municipal partners sets us apart from any other service out there.

Permit Info

Search and view permits issued by RDS for movement within your Municipality.


Review a map that includes all road names, surfaces and restrictions. Load the map by Province, Municipality or by LSD’s.

Report Console

Generate and print a variety of reports to share with council or department members for areas related to Permit History, Road Utilization, Well Site Development and much more.

Online Roadway Consent Admin

Manage all the Roadway Consent applications submitted via right here. These include common applications such as Approach, Pipeline Crossing, Road Use, Temporary Water Lines, etc.

Inspection Admin

View all active, completed and verified inspections coordinated through RDS for vehicle movement in your Municipality.

Past Municipal Conferences

Browse through topics of interest and presentations that were delivered during past Roadata Annual Infrastructure Protection Conference's.


Get notified via text or email when your Municipality places an adverse weather advisory that restricts overweight movement. You can also choose to manage your notifications so you are notified in any other Municipality you choose to subscribe too.

Add Movement Restriction

Create and submit an adverse weather advisory to immediately restricted travel in your Municipality. Subscribed users will also receive immediate notification via text message or email.

Add Road Restriction

Enter roadway details for a construction project, road ban or road closure within your Municipality.

Roadata Advantage

We are the premiere Municipal service provider for all things related to vehicles and roads. Through our customized service offerings, we can help reduce the administrative burden of delivering various programs while enhancing availability to road users.

Roadata Network Map

A listing of each of our 103 Municipal partners.

Permit Services

We deliver an exceptional full service permit program for vehicles traveling on your Municipal roadways. Municipalities utilizing our services will gain maximum infrastructure protection and road users will have an increased availability to obtain approvals.

Municipal Notification

Our Municipal notification service is available free of charge to ALL Municipalities. Subscribe to be notified when a movement restriction is activated in your Municipality, or even a neighboring Municipality.

Online Roadway Consent Program

Our streamlined service creates a quick and efficient application process for all roadway consent applications, such as Approach, Pipeline Crossing, Road Use, Temporary Water Lines, etc. Once applications are submitted, the appropriate Municipal staff in various departments can review the application and provide or reject approvals.

Roadway Inspections

A Municipality may choose to incorporate Roadway Inspections into their infrastructure protection program to capture the condition of a roadway prior and after a specific move occurs with the intention of recovering any costs incurred for roadway damages as a result of that move.

Road Use Agreements

Road Use Agreements (RUA) are used to ensure the Prime Contractor is aware of the responsibilities and policies the Municipality has in place for movement on roads under their control. The agreements allow the Municipality to impose specific conditions for the occupancy of a lease or roadway based on current Municipal policy.

Multiple Legal Loads Permits

Multiple legal units travelling together in a short period of time expose the roadway to a greater risk of damage. A Multiple Legal Loads Permit forces owners of multiple legal units to obtain a permit if more than a set number of units are travelling to the same lease in a 24 hour period.

Muni Info Window

A single stop for road users to gain instant access to permit requirements through our comprehensive collection of data and processes related to movement of vehicles through a variety of Local Municipalities and Provinces.

Unified Road Maintenance Agreement Program (URMAP)

The Province of Saskatchewan has allowed Rural Municipalities (RM’s) to implement ‘Fee based’ Road Maintenance Agreements (RMA) for travel on RM roadways since 1981. Roadata Services Ltd. (RDS) has been partnered with select R.M’s since January 1st, 2015 and coordinates the administration of the Road Maintenance Agreement program on behalf of its partners.

Gravel & Road Infrastructure Protection program (GRIP)

Rural Municipalities in Saskatchewan are allowed to issue a Gravel Extraction Licence and collect Gravel Extraction Fees for privately owned gravel pits within their Municipality.