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SK Internal Dimensions

In addition to standard dimensions; internal dimensions are sometimes required. The internal dimensions include the King Pin Setback, Trailer Wheelbase, Effective Rear Overhang and Box length. The internal dimensions only apply to the trailer and the point at which the trailer connects whether it is to a truck itself or to a jeep. It there is a jeep and/or booster; they are NOT include when measuring the internal dimensions.

Internal Dimensions: Required when overall length is over 23M
  • Box length: Measured from the front of the semi trailer or cargo carrying are on the truck to the rear of the trailer including the load
  • Kingpin Setback:Distance from the trailer or load to the center of the Kingpin
  • Trailer Wheelbase:Measured from the kingpin to the trailer turn centre
  • Effective Rear Overhang:Measured from the centre axle of the trailer to the end of the trailer or end of the load whichever is longer.
  • Formula:Box Length = Kingpin setback + Trailer Wheelbase + Effective Rear Overhang.
  • Axle Spacing's:Required when GVW is over 70000kgs/any group over 27000kgs