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Municipal Permit Services


RDS delivers an exceptional full service permit program for vehicles traveling on your Municipal roadways. Municipalities utilizing our services will gain maximum infrastructure protection and road users will have an increased availability to obtain approvals. RDS statistics prove that 35% of permits are obtained after hours, weekends and on Statutory Holidays.

Our customer service centre is staffed from 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM daily with additional service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Industry does not stop working when the Municipality closes for the day; improved availability translates into an improved level of compliance by industry and a reduced possibility of infrastructure damage.

Municipalities have enormous investment in their roadway infrastructure. The value of this investment can range from the hundreds of millions for a small Municipality up to a billion dollar plus mark for larger Municipalities. The protection of this investment is a priority for ALL Municipalities and RDS can help deliver a permit program that is customized to meet individual Municipality needs.

Our programs consist of 4 main categories to enhance your infrastructure protection and protect this vital asset:

  • Compliance Enforcement
  • Defined Policy and Procedures
  • Asset Management
  • Data Management

1. Compliance Enforcement

  • Municipal web interfaces that allow enforcement personnel to view permit information in a live format.
  • Implementation of new policy to address concerns not covered in regulations e.g. Multiple Legal Load Permits, Wide Base Single Tires, Tridem Configurations etc.
  • A roadway inspection program.
  • Methods to inform Public Works and Enforcement staff of movement which do not have proper approval.
2. Defined Policy and Procedures

  • Flexibility to review topics that are relevant to your Municipality and the creation of Municipal Policies (Bylaws, Road Bonds, Road Use Agreements) to regulate these topics if they cannot be addressed in the permit process.
  • Documentation of permit policy and procedures that allow for consistency when used by Municipal staff or road users.
  • An Industry Liaison who can communicate with road users about the development or modification of permit policy and procedures.
  • Assessment of liability issues related to overweight movement of oil activity.
3. Asset Management

  • Identification of high risk roadways.
  • Coordination of notification to Industry for any planned roadway construction or maintenance.
  • Live routing services to ensure overweight traffic is directed onto specific roadways.
  • Methods to review roadway utilization and expense related to roadway use.
  • Prediction of future problem areas related to future activity.
4. Data Management

  • An independent database to maintain all your roadway data
  • Timely updates or editing of restriction data in all permitting applications.
  • An inventory of new lease site approach locations.
  • Trained staff that can implement Municipal changes as they are required.
  • Permit application processing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A detailed roadway network inventory which is maintained and updated regularly.
  • Use of external data to assist in predicting stress on infrastructure.
  • Methods to rapidly inform Municipal staff, road users and related parties of time sensitive data i.e. Movement Restrictions

For more information, please call Nasha or Gail at the contact information listed below.

Roadata Services Ltd.
Tel: 1-403-314-9500 4716 - 60th Street
Fax: 1-403-341-7467 Red Deer, AB T4N 7C7