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Prime Contractors

Through our relationship with our partnered Municipalities, Roadata Services Ltd. (RDS) works with Prime Contractors to streamline the application and/or delivery of services for a variety of programs. Municipalities recognize the importance of having a consistent flow of information and a well established connection with Prime Contractors and RDS works to strengthen this connection.

Online Roadway Consent Program

The Online Roadway Consent (ORC) Program is a web-based platform used by Prime Contractors or their Land Agents to coordinate a variety of application requests, mostly related to Alberta Directive 56 requirements.

Online Roadway Consent

Local Municipalities regulate the new development and/or modification of structures that connect to or cross a developed/undeveloped road allowance within their boundaries. It is the Prime Contractor’s responsibility to ensure they are in compliance with all policies in each Municipality before any work commences.

Road Use Agreements

Road Use Agreements (RUA) are used to ensure the Prime Contractor is aware of the responsibilities and policies the Municipality has in place for movement on roads under their control. The agreements allow the Municipality to impose specific conditions for the occupancy of a lease or roadway based on current Municipal policy.