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SK Bridge Branch Approval

When the weight of a move exceeds specific maximums, a review by the engineering department is triggered. Engineer approval can only be obtained Monday to Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. Any applications not received before 3pm may not be completed until the next business day. Advance notice for the requests is preferred when possible.

There are several reasons bridge branch approval may be required:
  • Vehicle Gross Weight is greater than 70,000 Kgs but less than 80,000 Kgs may be approved by the SK permit clerks, otherwise engineering approval is required
  • Vehicle Gross Weight is greater than 80,000 Kgs requires engineering approval
  • If over 27000KG on an axle – however only if there are bridges along the route. If they aren’t crossing bridges then engineer approval isn’t required
  • If routed over any other bridge restrictions that must be checked by the engineering department before approving