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SK Registration and Fuel Tax Permits

A registration and fuel tax permit is typically required for commercial vehicles weighing and/or registered for 11,794 KGS or greater when moving in Saskatchewan if that vehicle is not Saskatchewan plated.
Below are some situations that would make you exempt from obtaining a Saskatchewan registration and/or fuel tax permit:

Light Commercial Vehicle
If your vehicle’s registered and actual weight is less than 11,794 Kgs and you are operating within the province for less than 90 days each calendar year you are exempt from obtaining a Saskatchewan registration and fuel tax permit.

Free Zone
Vehicles operating within 10 Miles (16KM) from the Alberta/Saskatchewan border or the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border are exempt from obtaining a registration permit. When in the Free Zone units do not require registration and/or fuel tax. NOTE: Overweight and over dimensional permits are required in this area.

Empty Vehicles
Vehicles that are not carrying a load and are not over legal weights or over legal dimensions are exempted from obtaining registration and fuel tax permits. The vehicle must be fully registered in their home jurisdiction to qualify for this exemption. Vehicles and/or Trailers that are considered "Permanently Mounted” but are empty are not exempt and still require registration and fuel permits.

A vehicle that is prorated for the Province of Saskatchewan does not need to obtain a registration permit if they are operating within the weights they are prorated for. A fuel tax permit or a valid IFTA licence will still be required. If the vehicle’s actual weights exceed their prorated weight, a Single Trip permit must be obtained.

If a carrier has an IFTA licence, a fuel tax permit is not required. The carrier must obtain a registration permit or be prorated for Saskatchewan prior to moving in the province.